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Engine Builds S54/M54

Euro S54 - Utilizing American Available Parts

 Build your M50tu25 to perform better than 1995 S50B30 on a budget! Less than $1000 invested in freshly built S50 clone.

Very simple:

M54B30 comes out of a 330i.

From wikipedia:
2000-2005 E46 330i/330xi
2000-2006 E46 330Ci
2000-2003 E39 530i
2000-2002 E36 Z3 3.0i
2003-2005 E60 530i
2003-2005 E85 Z4 3.0i
2004-2006 E83 X3 3.0i
2001-2006 E53 X5 3.0i
2003-2006 E60 530i

And you get a good M54B30 engine and install crankshaft, rods and pistons into your M50/M52 block and you will have 3.0L engine with 10.3:1 compression ratio. Then add s50/s52 camshafts and you will have S50us clone. Use your Red label ecu with early non EWS M3 chip. Or contact me via private message for proper tune, sense I am the first person to do this and also I am a ECU tuner.

I decided to build a 3.0L M50 engine and bought M54B30 short block to create a S50 clone.

Modified M50 baffle plate to clear longer stroke, or just use M52/S52 baffle

Connecting rods are the same part number and lenght on all 2.8L 3.0L 3.2L BMW engines 1996 to 2006, they are all 135mm lenght.


Keep orig m50 block
Use M54B30 crankshaft, bearings(if still good), connecting rods and piston
Reuse M50 NV head
Reuse m50 exhaust and intake cams or use 2 NV intake cams
Get a chip from you for my original ecu

330 M54 crankshaft is exacly the same as M3 S52 crankshaft 

M54B30 crankshaft is the same as S52B32, rod lenght is the same on your 95 m3 as M54B30, You can use your S50 crankshaft and rods and put on M52 2.8L pistons into M50 block and that is called 2.9L high compression stroker.

NV Pistons are heavy and bulky, M54b30 pistons are light and strong and have thin piston rings they are modern.

I would stay with M54b30 rotating assembly it is the most practical, modern, does not cost much more, all balanced from factory, you don't have to waste time.
Best and cheapest combination is M54B30, I would not even think about any other combination

Now you can decide on what camshafts you want to use, if you want to have the same power curve as S50 engine then just get some S50/S52 camshafts for your build.

If you want to have more power than S50 engine from 1000 to 6000 rpm then get M54B30 intake camshaft(240 duration, 9.7mm lift you must shorten the vanos gear 4mm with grinder on the cam) and just reuse your M50 exhaust camshaft.

Try to get camshaft trays with lifters and matching bearing caps from M52/S52/M54 engines, they have smaller lighter lifters and you need these trays if you want to run M54 cam or S52 camshafts.

Photo of M54b30 intake camshaft, sprocket, anti rattle washer, installed into M50 head. Do not remove the vanos gear from the cam, just use a grinder and shorten the gear 5mm. I used M54B30 sprocket with all the hardware because it is lighter than M50 and uses anti rattle spring washer instead of just heavy washer or later model tripple washer. The lighter the better.

Update Jun 2012 My BMW still runs great with this S50 clone, plenty of power and I love it.

I was able to turn the OBD2 dme into OBD1 by programming it.
Now for someone who buys a full m52 engine and wants to stroke it to 3.0L using this method, then install it in OBD1 car:
Tune is stock official BMW software used on the testing track.
Basicly turnes OBD2 ecu into OBD1

DME features:
1. No EWS. Works with your existing module or without the module, so no EWS drama.
2. No secondary air pump system(pump,valve,solenoid,relay)
3. No post catalyst 02 sensors, you can leave them there or take them out
4. No need to have catalitic converters
5. No fuel tank pressure sensor, no spare tire tank vent valve, you can leave both there or remove them. This ecu uses only the fuel tank valve near the front strut tower for tank venting like obd1 bmw does.
6. No running loss valve, you can leave it like it is if you got stock obd2 intake manifold or bypass it and use m50 intake manifold setup, it works fine eather way.
7. Works for manual or automatic transmissions. trans ecu works fine with it. AC works. Cruise control works.
8. Does not trow check engine light, full data diagnostics only trough 20pin connector under the hood.
9. 7200 rev limit, no speed limiter
10. No core charge, keep your own worthless obd2 dme if you ever have to go to emissions testing

Sense not much information is written about OBD2 conversion into your OBD1 project car, I decided to write what is needed and what is not when compared to OBD1 and OBD2 conversions.
Argument: what is better the 93-95 obd1 engine management or 96-99 engine management?
If you are putting M52 or S52 into your OBD1 E36 then it would be the best way to go with OBD2 system that came in that same donor car.
Siemens MS41.1(OBD2) DME is better and more powerful unit than Bosch 3.3(OBD1). There are many features that MS41.1 does better like: More precise ignition timing because on M52/S52 crank sensor is mounted on the block and reads directly off the crankshaft, while OBD1 reads the timing from the front pulley and timing teeth are mounted on the rubber harmonic balancer that vibrates and not better than solid tooth gear mounted inside the engine on the crankshaft, more precise injection with ability to turn off each injector if the coil goes bad on that cylinder to prevent fuel flood, bigger injectors, running loss valve with remote fuel pressure regulator, helps reduce fuel vapor and temperature, better on board diagnostics. Quality knock sensors that never go bad. And more…
OBD2 conversion does not cost more money than OBD1 conversion. Lets say you bought the M52/S52 engine and want to buy all the OBD1 parts, the first problem is knock sensors are expensive and you need two of them, used ones are not good because most of them crack, they are very poor quality. Plus you will need a tune for that red 413 ecu for your M52, so just the cost of those two parts will pay for quality OBD2 dme flash for your swap.
With a proper OBD2 MS41.1 ecu flash your OBD2 engine management will be the same as if you were installing obd1 engine management. DME can be programmed so that it does not look for these emissions components and not throw a check engine light:
You will NOT need to run/have SAP air pump, nor the SAP valve, just weld the manifolds or use block plate, or simply run aftermarket header system.
You will NOT need to run/have fuel tank pressure sensor, nor charcoal canister valve, nor exhaust muffler flap solenoid
SAP pump purple relay will need to be there, but it already comes on the OBD2 harness already so just keep it there, do not plug in any other relay there or you will burn the harness.
SAP valve vacuum solenoid will need to be plugged in, but It already comes installed on your M52 so just keep it there, if you use the M50 intake manifold then It can be flashed out of the ecu also. Plug the vacuum line in the manifold. Remove the vacuum canister junk.
Remote fuel pressure regulator with running loss valve is a form of an upgrade, run it if you can, it reduces the fuel temperature, and fuel vapor bubbles, saves you fuel, or it also can be flashed out of the ecu.
You will use the OBD2 purge valve that is located under throttle body, and just run the line to your OBD1 charcoal canister output
No need for ASC/ABS signals connected to the ECU
EWS can be turned off and you don’t need to have any of the EWS junk components, no need to cut any wires. If you want EWS then use the EWS junk and let it just control the starter for anti theft protection. E30/E36 locks are not easy to crack, so the need for EWS is just an overkill
There are few OBD2 tuners in the US, but I can only speak of what I can tune and code, so if you have any questions please private message me. I have plenty of OBD2 ecu units ready to roll, no need send me anything, keep your own obd2 ecu, sell it along with the matching ews junk on ebay and use the money to buy quality flashed ms41.1 and it almost comes out free cost at the end.
You can just wire the OBD2 plug to your 20 pin diagnostic connector under the hood so that you can check the codes with regular obd2 scanner, no need to run the wires all the way inside the car.
These photos are to show you what I am talking about:
EWS2 module plug, bridge starter wires if you have EWS2 E36

SAP pump relay leave it plugged in, comes on the OBD2 harness anyway

SAP valve solenoid, leave it there, just plug the vacuum port on the manifold

3 way running loss valve, it is an upgrade, run it if you can, it is small and compact, fits anywhere

Post cat. 02 sensors, you don’t need them, but if you want to run dual cats then just run them

Fuel pressure sensor, you don’t need this at all

Carbon canister valve, you do not need this, OBD1 already had the charcoal canister in the front, and valve is mechanical integrated in the fuel tank.

Muffler flap valve solenoid is flashed out of the ecu.

This is my testing car , with stack of OBD2 ecus ready to be custom flashed with quality tunes. And Tuning/Flashing software. I have the ability to flash any MS41.1 ecu to whatever tune or car, even 528i, make ms41.1 ecu into ms41.2. As long as it says ms41.1 on the side I can do it. MS41.2 is the ms41.1 with different software for S52, just minor difference in the software nothing major. I can make the ms41.1 software work same as ms41.2.

I hope this answered all of your questions,

His Ad. 

 M54B30 rotating assembly 3.0L stroker kit- M50 to S50

State: Arizona
Price: 650
Crankshaft, rods with pistons with good piston rings, used engine bearings. Very good condition no scratches. even the used engine bearings can be reused. No need to spend extra money. Stroke your 2.5L today and make more power.

Paypal: $650 shipped to 48 states,
If you will pay with money order $620 shipped to 48 states SOLD SOLD SOLD

This will also work on all M50/M52 engines and installs without any machining and gives you 3.1L "3051cc dynamic" displacement resulting in similar power output as S50 engine.

 Could this also be done with an M52B25 or M52B28 block?

M52B28 has same bore but longer stroke than M50B25/ M52B25

Dual vanos setup from M54 will fit M50 head but it needs some modification to fit, very minor, some aluminum welding required also

Question: i'm planning on replacing my M50b28 internals and do what is explained here in this article. but can anyone explain the modifications that need to be done to make the vanos unit from the M54 fit into the M50 head? anybody got pictures for it?

 OP Reply: On the exhaust side of the head, the last stud has to be re-drilled and re- tapped or simply removed , one stud won't hurt, And then use ultra gray silicone to seal the vanos to the head.
On the same spot where there is exhaust camshaft sensor on the dual vanos unit, the M50 head will need to be machined using dremel tool, then a small spot of aluminum weld needs to be welded on the M50 head and then resurfaced to create sealing pad. Not hard to do if you got someone who can weld aluminum. Rest of the dual vanos parts will fit the M50 head without problem.
But there is no benefit of having dual vanos at all. Dyno results who that there is no horsepower gain from using dual vanos vs. single vanos.

 Question: I would still like some more info on how to run the M54 intake cam. It would save me some good money instead of buying S50 cams.

OP Reply:

Question: Could I use an s50 rotory assembly in an m50 block?

OP Reply: Yes, but you would have to bore it out, which would probably make it not worth it. It's cheaper just to buy the whole S50 block and use the M50 head, which is the same.

OP: whats going on man, my name is omar and im soon moving to phoenix arizona, now let me get to my point..i dont want to be a bother to you or anything but im really interested in doing the m50 stroker, i have a spare m50 motor with m50 head. im missing a vanos on the spare motor i sold the vanos a while ago so i guess im just going to use the vanos i have in the daily driver car i have(325is). now my main question is,

1)is the m54b30 crank a direct fit?(yes)
2)are the m54b30 pistons a direct fit?(yes)
3)do i need e34 oil baffle?(no, get S52 oil baffle or mod the M50 baffle)
4)what oil pump do i need to use?(stock M50 with lockthread)
5)what crank pulley do i use?(stock M50)
6)can i use my light weight 8lb flywheel from my 325is?(it will bolt on)
7)can i use s50exhaust cam?(yes)
8)can i use zhp intake came?(yes, but might as well get S50/S52 set then)
9)what exact cam trays do i need to use(or do u recommend) for the exhaust and intake ? along with lifters and bearing caps(any M54/S52)
10)my main concern-what exactly do you have to shorten in the vanos gear? can you please specify with specific detail(anything that cuts metal will work)
11)what did you use to clean the motor like the way you did lol( engine degreaser then lots of brushing, then pressure wash it then hit it again with purple gunk detergent, let it dry, then use engine paint)

BTW im really sorry if im bothering you at all, if you dont want to help me out its ok, i do understand the whole concept of exactly what you did with the stroker but i just wanna get it right the first time so thats why im PM'ing a bunch of annoying questions.
once again sorry for the noobness

PS: it is not a stroker, it is more of a S50 clone or M50/M54 3.0L mestizo

It won't be M50 anymore because M50 came in 2L and 2.5L displacement. In USA only in 2.5L.

For this "S50" clone you buy all aftermarket parts as if it is true S50
 Many people don't know that S50(in usa) and 1993-1995 M50 is basicly the same engine and all aftermarket parts will bolt on. And M52 is basicly the same as S52. This was talked over and writen over and over again but you just can't explain it to noobs! Power of a badge, the M3 that is in the USA market is not true M3 it is just 325is with more displacement and few more minor upgrades. True M3 is in europe with beast of an engine, too much power for US market. But germans knew that average american is a drug addict so they can get away with just putting in stroked M50 engine slapping on M3 badge on the trunk lid and make americans pay more for the same...
Yes I have put the 1996-1999 valve cover and coils on it. I found a very good deal on valve cover, M power cover and coils, the guy was local and tought he needed those flaky M50 valve covers when converting to OBD1 so I took advantage of it and bought it all from him for $80 now my M50 "aka S50 clone" looks mole like "S52 clone", the more you know the cheaper you can make your BMW look cool. This is why lots of BMW fanatics hate me here, they don't want me to spill the secrets to the noobs.

Vanos gear that is bolted to the camshaft has to be shortened 4mm as you can see in the photo fresh grinding marks. Ones you compare your stock cam with m54 cam you will know what I am talking about.

Bore: 84mm
Stroke: 84mm;postID=8781159684830874904
The s52 crank provides 89.6mm stroke in its engine, i believe its the same as m54 crank

Since effectively the s52 is a bored out and stroked m52 the rods and crank from a s52 or m54 should actually fit without any modification needed to the oil pan. In the end you will end up with the same 3.0-3.1L engine if you were to do it to a m50.

Im still trying to find more information so if anyone knows any reasons why this wouldnt work in a m52 engine that would be great. The bores for the m50 m52 and m54 are all 84mm so i dont think there should be any issues.


  1. well i dont know if anyone will even see this, but i hope new to BMW, but not new to being a mechanic and have done lots of engine swaps and messed with internals blah blah blah...anyway...I just bought an e34 for 1000 bucks and cleaned icv and now it runs great. It is an automatic...I have the chance to get a S50 block(crank, rods, and pistons included). I have searched for 2.5 days now and cant find anyone who has swapped the s50 block under a M50 head. I am just wondering is the extra displacement worth the not looking for a track car, just a Daily with a little extra power. From what I have researched it is a fairly easy swap. The only thing I am wondering is how the ECU will react to the extra displacement? or would it even notice since the whole top end and obd1 system is going to remain stock?? I do not plan on switching cams right to recap...I will have S50 3.0 block and rotating assembly into a 92 525i with the stock M50NV head and cams/intake manifold/injectors/everyting...would I need a tune for reliability? I know to get more power I should tune it...but if i spent$1000 on the car and $300 on s50 block and could gain a little power and leave it alone will that work? hope i was descriptive enough.

  2. Dear bro,

    I have to modify my M50 by swap the engine inside to M52, if i find only the M54 Intake camshaft swap in my stock M50 cam, it should be S50B28 right?


  3. For Sale - BMW Mpower Cylinders head ornament style S50 S52 for M50 M52 M54 or style S14 for M42 M44

    Cylinders head ornament engraved BMW MPOWER style s50 S52 M3 Us which apply over the original engine cover.
    Material plastic/aluminium . No decal ! Needs (black) silicone fixing .
    Silicone not included.

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    Aplications for M50 :

    1990-1992 E34 520i
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    1990-1992 E34 525i/525ix
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    Aplications for M52 :


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    Aplications for M54 :


    2001-2006 E46 320i/320Ci
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    2000-2005 E46 330i/330xi
    2000-2006 E46 330Ci
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    Models Black/silver for 4 cyliders. Style S14 for M42 M44.
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    For E30 E36 and Z3

    Applications for M42:

    1989-1991 E30 318i (only North American models)
    1989–1991 E30 318iS
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    Applications for M44:

    1996-2000 E36 318iS and 318ti
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    BMW Compact Cup Race Series

    WE can do this through paypal

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